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Good communication is a cornerstone of the real estate industry, but this is not always easy. Estate agents have a lot on their plate, and they must constantly stay in contact with buyers, homeowners, tenants, fellow estate agents and legal parties. Without a decent phone system, things can quickly get backlogged or even negatively impact business. 

We’ll consider why cloud PBX phone systems are beneficial for estate agents, the best features you can expect, and how United Telecoms can aid with the best solutions and a successful switch to cloud PBX.

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Which types of phone systems work for estate agents?

This is a matter of preference, but at the end of the day, estate agents need a system that is affordable, efficient and packed with features designed to promote their success rates. This is where cloud PBX can be a lifesaver. 


Does the real estate industry need cloud PBX?

What the real estate field doesn’t need is a traditional phone system that is pay-per-call, expensive to fix or maintain and doesn’t support remote work. Cloud PBX cuts down on billing and repair costs and provides more freedom of movement – three perks that can only get a thumbs up from estate agents. 

However, that’s only the start of how cloud phones can support your agency. A hosted network also offers features that can improve customer relationships, data-sharing, teamwork, collaboration, meetings and analytics. 

Additionally, it’s also much easier and more affordable to scale back a cloud network (or expand it) than trying to do the same with an analog copper-wire system.


How do cloud phone systems work for estate agents?

Some of the most noteworthy ways that a phone system can work for estate agents are the ability to streamline a heavy, stressful workload and keep everyone in this fast-paced field on the same page.

Overall, it makes the job of estate agents much easier. We’ll look at the specific benefits and features that sets cloud phones apart from traditional systems and how that makes them the better choice for real estate agencies.


How does a business phone system benefit the real estate industry?

The world of real estate can be edgy, competitive and stressful; but, it can also be incredibly lucrative and rewarding. Cloud PBX is a great tool to smooth the way because it successfully eliminates several common problems that estate agents face.

Never Miss a Call

Buyers can be impatient. Should one estate agent miss their phone call, they might immediately contact someone else who is listed as selling the same property. Cloud PBX capabilities include forwarding clients and other important calls to your phone, no matter where you are.


Personal Cost Savings

Once linked to their agency’s cloud PBX network, estate agents can enjoy the cost-effective nature of this phone system for themselves. Since you pay per user and not per call, you no longer have to worry about constantly buying airtime or data out of your own pocket for your mobile phone. In-house calls are also free.

Video Conferencing

Whether you’re at home or the office, cloud PBX provides you with user-friendly facilities to conduct online meetings with agents and clients. The video conferencing tool can even be used to provide a convenient virtual tour to home buyers who cannot visit the property in person, heightening the chance of a sale.


Reliable Phone System

There’s nothing worse than a dropped call, a phone line with poor audio quality, or a system that’s down for days because a wire fizzled. Cloud PBX is known for its stability, great audio and durability. Even if something goes wrong, your host provider can usually fix the problem remotely and without delay. System updates are also done automatically and unobtrusively.


Cloud phone systems are popular in the business community for their ability to adapt to a company’s changing needs. You can add or remove user lines with ease, choose solutions with the right features for your company, and integrate the system with other cloud applications as required.


Key features of cloud phone systems for Real Estate offices

Now that you know the main benefits, it’s time to browse the best features that cloud PBX has to offer your real estate business. 


Call Forwarding and Call Routing

This feature allows a call to be forwarded to your office phone or your mobile, ensuring that you will never miss an important call ever again. Call forwarding can also be used to direct callers to the right consultant for better customer service.

Call routing is the automatic version. Call forwarding requires the first person who answers the phone to direct the caller to the correct agent, whereas call routing is a programmed feature that automatically funnels callers to a particular individual within the agency. 


Auto Attendant and IVR

One of the most popular features is auto attendant. It’s basically the same as call routing but offers extras like on-hold music and pre-recorded messages. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is another automatic answering service. Callers can use their voice to choose options on a pre-recorded menu and ultimately direct themselves to the right department or agent. 


Call Analytics

This feature allows you to track data for a more holistic view of your agency’s communications habits. For example, you can use the information to see where improvements need to be made, how many calls are connected and disconnected, which agents answered the most calls, and more. 


Voicemail to Email

Busy estate agents cannot listen to every voicemail as they happen. This nifty feature transcribes your incoming voicemails from clients and colleagues and sends them to your email, where you can conveniently read the message or listen to the audio file.


Video Conferencing

Estate agents can seriously benefit from cloud PBX’s video conferencing feature. It allows you to hold meetings remotely, provide demonstrations and even train new estate agents. Holding conferences online can also save travel costs and improve team communication and productivity.


Best phone systems for real estate offices

For Managing a Busy Agency

The Yealink-T48S VoIP Phone is designed to make a hectic day more manageable. Thanks to its large screen, you can swiftly change between applications and the system is also known for its rich features that support collaboration. 

The phone is Skype for Business ® Certified and comes with 29 memory keys, 16 VoIP accounts, expansion module support, and more.  


For Small, Growing Estate Agencies

The Yealink SIP-T41S is a flexible system that can handle the needs of your business, even as it expands. It offers superior features for communication, collaboration, and performance. 

The system has 6 VoIP lines with programmable keys and a USB port for extra functionality and growth. 


For Remote Support

The Yealink W52P is a solid choice for home offices. This phone remains operational 300 metres away from its central point, providing you with enough freedom to move around the house and take calls. You can expect 10 hours of talk time and 100 on standby. 

The system also provides great functionalities like 5 VoIP accounts, an intercom and 3-way conferences.


For High Call Volumes

The Yealink EXP40 Expansion Module is a good choice to boost the functionality of your existing VoIP phone system. Popular for streamlining high call volumes, some of its best features include two pages of programmable buttons, speed dialling, call forward and transfer, pickup and park. 


User-Friendly But Powerful

The Yealink SIP-T58A blends simplicity with sophistication, making it one of the most hassle-free cloud PBX systems to operate. Some of the best features you can expect include HD video calling, superb audio, 16 VoIP accounts, a web browser, a recorder, 5-way conferencing, a system that is Microsoft Teams ® & Skype for Business ® Certified, and more.

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Choosing the right cloud phone system for your estate agency

This article has only covered a few cloud phone options. There are countless other models, making it easy to feel overwhelmed and even concerned that you might accidentally choose the wrong system. When faced with so much variety and promises, how do you pick the best cloud PBX system

A good formula is to look at your current telephony needs and then find a system that supports those goals. We know that estate agents are busy people and don’t always have the time to analyse their entire phone communications or sieve through hundreds of cloud phone offers. Here’s where United Telecoms can help..

Our highly-trained experts provide survey services that can assess your business needs and then make the best recommendations. You are welcome to contact us to find out more about our solutions and how United Telecoms can facilitate your transition to cloud PBX.

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