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United Voice Cloud is a leading customisable Hosted PBX system, encompassing the latest in unified communications technology with the ultimate in flexibility and reliability. We offer cheaper call rates, the complete range of VoIP features, and the choice of buying or renting your handsets, softphones or smartphone apps.

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United Voice Cloud Packages

Experience the freedom, control and productivity of a cloud-based telephony solution, tailor-made to meet your business’ needs.

Benefits of United Voice Cloud PBX

Geographic numbers (e.g. 020, 0161, 0121) can be ported from any existing service provider to a United Voice package. Once ported, you can then take your number with you wherever you go within the United Kingdom, ensuring you never lose your telephone number.

Cloud-based solutions give your business the flexibility to easily move premises, downsize, expand or terminate whenever you choose. Add or subtract users and telephone lines as and when needed in no time! What’s more, you are not tied down to long term contracts, you can simply subscribe on a month to month agreement.

With a cloud PBX the bulk of the setup is done before delivery takes place while multiple sites can be set up at once, allowing for the rapid installation of the solution. United Voice Cloud will minimize your business’s downtime and ensure office continuity with redundancy measures including; automatic failover, a second backup server and firewall.

With the ability to seamlessly integrate with most CRM systems, United Voice Cloud is a complete Unified Communications solution, integrating all forms of business communication into one platform. While a built-in Telephone Management System tracks your team’s performance & productivity with real-time and historical reports.

Say goodbye to on-premise PBX systems that require expensive components, timeous on-site technical support and quickly become redundant over time. Since United Voice Cloud is hosted in the cloud, updates and upgrades take place automatically at no cost or inconvenience to you.

We are putting the power in your hands, you can now control your business’s expenses and employee productivity by remotely managing your PBX system in real-time straight from your desktop or phone. For the first time, you can edit settings, modify your extensions, set up voicemail, retrieve call recordings and more!

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Frequenty Asked Questions

What is a cloud hosted PBX?

As with an on-premise PBX, a Hosted or Cloud PBX System provides your business with communication features such as call-transfer, on-hold, auto-attendant, voicemail, call forwarding and more. The difference with a Cloud Hosted PABX, is that it is hosted at an offsite data center and is powered and managed through the internet as opposed to copper landlines.

How does a cloud PBX work?

Phone calls are transmitted from users offices via the Internet or a dedicated broandband link and routed to and from our data center where the Hosted PABX’s sophisticated servers are stored. By consolidating many PABX systems or tenants into on one Hosted PABX in the cloud businesses are able to access a constantly updated, feature rich and always on telephony “brain”. Businesses never need to worry about damage, downtime or upgrades as the system is maintained by the service provider United Telecoms..

What connectivity do i need?

There are various forms of connectivity available to businesses in South Africa. Depending on the number of extensions you require, United Telecoms will advise you on which connectivity solutions is best for you, these include; LTE, Fibre and Wireless/Microwave. Smartphone users can simply use the standard connectivity available on the iOS or Android Smartphones to access the Hosted Cloud PABX.

Can I use my spartphone as an extention?

Yes, the UVC mobile app enables you to receive calls made to your office extensions on your smartphone device as well as dial other extensions. In addition, you can update your availability at any time and check fellow colleagues’ presence, the app also enables you to keep all of your business connections on your device with you at all times.

What hardware is required for a Cloud Phone System?

Since the PABX system itself is hosted at a data center, the only primary items of hardware required for the solution to function are IP handsets. Some users can choose not to add hardware to their offices and simply run via a smart telephone interface on their PC’s or using an App on their Smartphones. If you require additional network equipment for onsite Desk Phones, this can be provided for at an additional cost.

What type of phones can i use with a Hosted PBX?

You have the option to use any type of device that is supported by the Cloud switchboard. This includes a softphone on your PC, desktop IP phone, or smartphone using the mobile app. Some of the IP phone brands that can be used include; Snom, Yealink, Grandstream and Polycom.

Can I use my existing internet service?

Yes, you can use your existing internet service however it is imperative to use a reliable form of connectivity such as LTE, Fibre or Wireless. United Telecoms will conduct an audit on your current infrastructure and confirm whether it is feasible to run the Hosted PBX on it. We support all internet connectivity types excluding ADSL.

What costs are involved?

The United Voice Cloud solution comprises a monthly subscription fee per extension, once-off hardware costs that can either be purchased outright or financed on rental as well as a once-off installation fee.

Can i keep my landline number if i switch to a Hosted PBX?

Yes, you can. You can move any geographic number from any existing service provider to your VoIP service provider, including United Telecoms.

How quickly can a Cloud Phone System be deployed?

Depending on whether or not connectivity is required and subject to feasibility if the site is ready, we can deploy the hosted switchboard system within hours of the order being placed.

What uptime guarentees do you provide?

This depends on your connectivity solution. If you choose to take our Enterprise Fibre or Wireless product, our uptime guarantee is 99.8%. All other connectivity solutions are best-effort service. Further redundancy measure can be put in place upon request. In addition, call can be routed to your mobile device at any time.

What happens if there is a power outage?

For traditional on-site PBX’s, a power outage can interrupt communications until the power is restored. However as long as your network is connected to the internet, calls can be made and received through the Cloud PBX. United Telecoms will supply you with a UPS for the network which serve as a backup for a couple of hours. Additionally, the UPS will regulate power output to network equipment preventing surges. It is also recommended to use PoE switches, this will ensure the entire network is powered during an outage.


What if I have multiple business locations?

This is the perfect product for you. Having your PBX hosted in the cloud will allow you to register a device in any location nationally or internationally. The device that is registered to the Hosted PBX is allocated an extension number, each extension can dial other extensions as if in the same location.

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