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PABX/PBX Relocation
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Before installing a PBX telephone switchboard, relocating or reinstalling one, there are a number of considerations you need to make around infrastructure at your current or new location, utilising VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or landlines, and the requirements of your solution overall.

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Businesses in the United Kingdom face a rapidly evolving telecommunications and data supply environment. United Telecoms was founded in 1985 to help businesses find reliable and cost-effective business telephony solutions.

Over 3000 businesses have chosen United Telecoms to implement phone system solutions. We provide dedicated service from start to finish

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Install a PBX telephone system from scratch or relocate your business phone system

Moving a PABX switchboard is complex and should be planned many months in advance to ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place and that installation services are completed with minimal service interruption.

Depending on the type of PBX phone system (cloud PBX system, analogue PBX system, or hybrid PBX system) you are installing or relocating – there are specific tasks to be completed and infrastructure that needs to be in place at your business premises. Let’s discuss the different considerations that one needs to bear in mind when installing various types of business telephone systems from scratch, or reinstalling a PBX system.

Cloud PBX phone systems

Cloud PBX, also known as Hosted PBX, system rely on your internet data connection instead of analogue landlines.

As a result, they require minimal hardware and mainly rely on your network. Hosted PBX phone system solutions are usually easy to set up or reinstall (depending on your current infrastructure on-site and phone system setup).

Voice communications are facilitated by VoIP technology, and you can manage calls using softphone extensions paired with desktop computers, laptops and smartphones, or VoIP handsets.

Learn more about fresh (Greenfield) hosted PBX installations or reinstalling a cloud PBX system.

Considerations for an analogue telephone system installation

A traditional analogue telephone system relies on copper landlines, making them more cumbersome to install from scratch and reinstall at a new location.

In the case of both set up and reinstallation, factors such as number porting and hardware installation (including main units, cabling, handsets and more ) need to be prepared well in advance.  

Explore fresh traditional phone system installations or reinstalling a traditional phone system.

Considerations for IP PBX installations

Hybrid PBX phone systems, also known as IP PBX systems, can connect to analogue and VoIP lines.

As a result, when installing or reinstalling VoIP PBX systems, the aspects of setting up analogue telephone systems and cloud phone systems need to be considered.

This may include number porting, network and PBX hardware installation and more.

Services United Telecoms can assist with:

United Telecoms has assisted thousands of businesses in their PABX moves. Whether you are a small company/entity or a multi-branch corporate, our team of expert PABX technicians and project managers are carefully trained to manage your PBX relocation.

Our Professional Services include

  • Cabling and re-cabling businesses
  • Assisting in dealing with providers/VoIP Suppliers
  • Assisting in PABX number porting
  • Assisting in the PBX planning process, ensuring maximum uptime
  • Rehanging and reprogramming PBX switchboards after a move.
  • And much more

Frequently asked questions

BT has decided to retire the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in 2025, and all phone lines in the United Kingdom will be digital and operate using VoIP. 

Businesses relying on landlines are encouraged to prepare their move over to VoIP and Cloud PBX technology and plan the integration of these technologies with their existing systems and infrastructure.

Choosing an analogue telephone system is best when you plan on using a landline at your business premises. Traditional PBX systems can be used by small, medium or large companies but they are more expensive and complex to set up and scale, and often have higher running costs.

A landline telephone system is an on-premise system, installed (and managed) on-site and connected to your landline, network infrastructure, and other PBX hardware to connect extensions to a primary switchboard.

Traditional PBX systems can support a range of features, however, physical hardware is required to manage some of the most essential functionalities associated with office phone systems, such as call routing, recording, auto-attendant and more.

Cloud PBX systems are suitable for businesses of all sizes because they can match their varying demands and integrate easily with software and hardware. They also scale, as extensions can be added or removed with ease.

It’s easy to understand the “why”. Cloud phone systems allow businesses to reduce installation costs, hardware costs and maintenance costs associated with their telephony solution. As hosted phone systems rely on VoIP, call costs are also lower than call rates associated with analogue phone solutions. 

All you need to make outbound calls is a network connection that’s fast and reliable to get started, as well as a softphone extension for managing calls or an IP handset or peripheral (depending on your preference). 

Cloud phone systems also allow businesses to reap the benefits of powerful virtual PBX features they can use to manage and streamline internal and external communications. Some features include auto attendant, IVR (interactive voice response), call recording and more. 

Cloud phone systems can be accessed by “home workers” or your remote team using a mobile softphone extension to manage voice communications and operations.

Hybrid IP PBX systems are suitable for companies that wish to allow their analogue telephone system to utilise VoIP technology for managing aspects of business communications. It’s a great way to upgrade analogue phone systems without implementing a fully cloud-based solution due to security or connectivity concerns. 

IP PBX systems still require a higher installation cost as compared to hosted phone systems, as more hardware is required for on-site installation within your office. Current hardware must be checked for compatibility, and you may need to factor in the cost of license agreements when converting to support VoIP.

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