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Founded in 1985, United Telecoms is committed to equipping UK businesses with specialised and affordable VoIP phone solutions. With a keen understanding of the unique telecommunications challenges within the United Kingdom, we have successfully outfitted over 3,000 companies with state-of-the-art VoIP technology.

Our extensive selection of VoIP services, phones, handsets, and phone systems is designed to ensure smooth and sustained communication, perfectly aligned with your business requirements.

Our specialists are dedicated to fully understanding your specific communication needs, providing VoIP phone solutions that seamlessly integrate with your business operations and elevate your communication strategies.

Get in touch with us for tailored support in selecting the ideal VoIP phone solution that aligns with your business objectives.

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What is a VoIP phone?

VoIP phones, often called VoIP handsets, are essential hardware for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony systems.

These specialised devices are built to work seamlessly with VoIP systems, making it possible to conduct voice communications over an internet connection, as opposed to traditional physical phone lines.

The range of modern VoIP phones is diverse, encompassing analogue VoIP desk phones that mirror classic landline phones with the addition of VoIP technology, IP phones specifically designed for VoIP usage, mobile apps that convert smartphones into VoIP handsets, and softphones – software-based applications that replicate the functions of a physical VoIP desk phone on a computer or mobile device.

With VoIP phones, users get a cost-efficient service and the advanced features enabled by telephony over the internet.

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Key benefits of our state-of-the-art VoIP phones

Our VoIP phones offer a variety of benefits to your business, such as improved call quality, intuitive interfaces, and superb call management capabilities.

Moreover, these phones are crafted with flexibility in mind, allowing for easy adaptation as your communication needs change.

Discover the advantages of our VoIP phones below and contact us to find the perfect VoIP phone solution for your business needs.

Advanced, feature-rich, VoIP phones from top brands

Discover our wide range of VoIP phones, including top brands like Yealink, Flyingvoice, Snom, Fanvil, and others, all tailored to meet the communication needs of businesses in the United Kingdom.

From intuitive softphones that are perfect for smaller office setups to sophisticated, feature-packed IP handsets and integrated IP phone-PBX systems for larger corporations, our collection offers unmatched adaptability and high performance.

Step into a new era of seamless communication with technology that provides unparalleled clarity, reliability, and ease of use, ensuring a superior telephony experience for your business.

Yealink VoIP phones

Enhance your communication systems with our range of Yealink VoIP phones.

Choose from the efficient CP series, known for its conferencing capabilities and clarity, to the versatile W60 series cordless VoIP phone, perfect for business communication on the move. Yealink presents a diverse range of solutions for various business requirements.

Equipped with noise-cancelling technology and acoustic shielding, Yealink’s VoIP phones guarantee superior sound quality.

Explore our selection of Yealink VoIP phones and get in touch for a solution that aligns with your business communication needs.

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Yealink voip deskphone
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Flyingvoice VoIP phones

Optimise your business communications with our advanced Flyingvoice VoIP and WiFi phones.

Our collection features the dynamic FIP series, tailored for demanding business environments, and the efficient P series, ideal for streamlined day-to-day business communication.

Flyingvoice offers the robust functionality and crystal-clear sound quality required in modern business environments.

Each model in our range of WiFi VoIP phones is engineered to integrate seamlessly with your existing communication infrastructure and to facilitate easy management and maintenance.

Shop our selection of Flyingvoice VoIP phones and contact us for a custom solution that meets your business’s requirements.

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Snom VoIP phones

Streamline your business communication with our collection of Snom VoIP phones.

Our catalogue features the innovative D8xx series, known for its modern design and sophisticated functions, and the D3xx series, celebrated for its user-friendly interface and suitability for various office environments.

Snom phones are engineered with a commitment to security, incorporating advanced encryption to ensure the confidentiality of your conversations.

With their ergonomic design and extensive compatibility, Snom VoIP phones are the perfect choice to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your business communications.

Browse our selection of Snom VoIP phones for a reliable, high-quality communication solution that’s tailored to meet your business needs.

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Fanvil VoIP phones

Experience advanced telephony with Fanvil Wi-Fi VoIP phones.

Our range includes the innovative Fanvil 2SIP IP Phone, known for its adaptability and conferencing capabilities, and the Fanvil 20SIP Gigabit VoIP phone handset, a formidable device equipped with POE support and numerous SIP lines, ideal for managing extensive and intricate communication demands.

Fanvil’s dedication to delivering superior sound quality, user-focused design, and unwavering reliability makes their IP phones vital for enhancing your business communication strategies.

Browse our selection of Fanvil VoIP & SIP phones today to secure a top-tier, reliable IP telephony solution that seamlessly integrates with your business’s communication systems.

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Our partners for premium VoIP phones

United Telecoms is dedicated to partnering with leading brands in the industry to bring our customers premium VoIP phones. Our network of esteemed partners includes industry giants such as Yealink, Snom, Flyingvoice, Fanvil, and more! These brands are known for their exceptional quality in the VoIP industry, providing advanced functionality, superior sound clarity, and consistent reliability. Our collaborative efforts with these companies enable us to offer a wide range of high-quality VoIP phones, ensuring businesses of all sizes can find the right communication solution for their needs.

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VoIP mobile phone

Experience unparalleled adaptability with the United Voice Cloud App, expertly crafted for smooth integration on both Android and iOS devices.

This innovative application unifies your internal and external communication channels into a cohesive, user-friendly mobile interface, enhancing workflow efficiency while on the move.

Benefit from its easy integration with current systems and a suite of features that bolster team collaboration. The app is designed to sync seamlessly with the United Voice Cloud PBX system, delivering sophisticated call management, combined call records, and much more.

For access to the UVC Mobile Phone App, select one of our United Voice Cloud packages. Get in touch for more information and to elevate your mobile communication capabilities today.

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Key benefits of our VoIP mobile phones

Discover the numerous advantages of VoIP mobile phones, specifically designed to meet the changing demands of businesses in the United Kingdom.

Frequently asked questions about VoIP phones

Yes, a normal phone can be used for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications. To do this, you need a VoIP adapter, which converts the analogue signals from your traditional phone into digital data that can be transmitted over the internet. This setup allows your regular phone to function like a VoIP phone, enabling you to make and receive calls via your internet connection instead of a standard telephone line.

VoIP phones convert voice into digital data packets, which are then transmitted over the internet. Unlike conventional telephone lines that use copper wires for signal transmission, VoIP phones use your broadband internet connection. Phone calls can be made through either specialised VoIP phones, regular phones with a VoIP adapter, or software on computers and smartphones. This technology means you can make and receive calls over the Internet, and you have the option of adding features like voicemail, call forwarding, and video calls.

The cost of a VoIP phone in the UK varies based on the manufacturer and the phone’s features. Basic models that are suitable for home and standard business use may start at a lower price. More advanced models with extensive features for larger businesses or specific functionalities will be significantly more expensive. For an accurate, customised solution that fits your specific needs and budget, contact United Telecoms. We can provide tailored advice and options based on your unique requirements.

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