United Voice Meeting for Video Conferencing

Feature-packed video conferencing solution

Experience streamlined video conferencing with United Voice Meeting, allowing any user to easily set up meetings without switching applications.

This robust platform facilitates swift communication with all your United Voice contacts, enabling instant collaboration with a single click and offering a more cost-effective solution compared to purchasing Microsoft Teams licences for all team members.

Equipped with a powerful suite of meeting management features, United Voice Meeting is designed to improve your team’s productivity and meeting efficiency with a true unified communications tool.

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What is United Voice Meeting?

United Voice Meeting is cutting-edge video conferencing software that seamlessly fits into your existing workflow, eliminating the need to switch applications for video conferencing. It offers superior video and audio conferencing quality, supports live group chats, enables single-click meeting setup and provides interactive screen sharing with remote control for presentations. This software is designed to make your virtual meetings more efficient and engaging. Ready to enhance your team’s video conferencing capabilities? Contact us via our contact form today to discover how United Voice Meeting can transform your virtual collaborations.

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Comprehensive Integration for Enhanced Collaboration

Whether you’re arranging stand-alone meetings in advance or setting up recurring ones, United Voice Meeting seamlessly integrates as an extension of your existing Cloud-based telephone system, offering a dual-function solution.

Unlike platforms such as Teams, which primarily serve as video calling applications without direct integration into most business telephone systems, United Voice Meeting provides a comprehensive communication package.

This integration makes it an invaluable tool for businesses seeking a unified approach to telephony and virtual meetings, ensuring your communications are both efficient and effective.

Explore United Voice Meeting’s Features

United Voice Meeting’s powerful features

Enhance your virtual meetings with United Voice Meeting, equipped with all the essential tools you need for effective and engaging communication.

Enjoy features like crystal-clear audio, video calls, and conferencing, instant meetings, intuitive screen sharing, interactive group chats, and more, all designed to boost productivity and collaboration in every meeting.

Explore United Voice Meeting’s range of features below and learn how your team can benefit.

Immersive video conferencing

United Voice Meeting streamlines your virtual meetings, seamlessly fitting into your workflow so you can initiate sessions without switching between apps.

Choose between grid or speaker view for immersive video conferencing. Personalise your meetings by selecting video inputs or customising backgrounds, ensuring every interaction with your contacts is optimised for engagement and productivity.

Screen sharing, WebRTC & remote control

Improve collaboration with a range of screen-sharing capabilities, allowing you to present your entire screen, specific applications, or even just a browser tab.

Effortlessly pause and resume sharing, and optimise focus by hiding video feeds for more screen real estate. Enable precise teamwork by granting meeting participants remote mouse and keyboard control, all powered by WebRTC for seamless, real-time communication.

In-app chat functionality

United Voice Meeting enriches your discussions with versatile in-app chat capabilities.

Utilise group chat to share files and links and give feedback with in-meeting reactions or the “Raise hand” feature, which allows you to contribute without interrupting.

This functionality ensures every participant can engage fully and effectively throughout the meeting.

Meeting management features

Streamline your audio and video meetings with advanced management tools. Easily schedule, manage, and customise meetings with detailed controls over duration, date, participants, and recurrence. Assign co-organisers for shared control and flexible coordination.

Integrate with Google and Outlook for greater convenience. Start meetings instantly, end or leave meetings with a click of a button, and efficiently manage upcoming and past meetings for optimal organisation.

Intuitive participant management

Manage participants effortlessly with United Voice Meeting.

View and search attendee lists during conferences, invite participants via email or phone, and easily add attendees with a drag-and-drop functionality.

Encourage interactivity by prompting participant screen shares, and maintain meeting focus by muting individual or all participants as needed, ensuring a productive and streamlined conferencing experience.

Support for public meetings

Public meeting support allows users to join meetings using only a meeting number.

Seamlessly transition from regular to public meeting formats, either when scheduling or during an active meeting.

This flexibility gives you the ability to communicate with a wider audience, including potential business partners, without requiring a unique invitation for each participant.

Local meeting recording

Get access to a comprehensive set of meeting recording features.

Select from full audio-video or audio-only recording to suit your needs. Choose where your recordings are stored for ease of access, and utilise the pause/resume functions to control which segments are recorded.

Automatically convert and organise recordings post-meeting, complete with detailed timestamps, ensuring efficient retrieval and review of key meeting highlights.

Web & mobile app integration

Experience seamless connectivity with full web and mobile app integration.

Compatible with all major browsers and available on both iOS and Android platforms, United Voice Meeting ensures easy access and consistent user experience across devices, enhancing your flexibility and productivity in video conferencing, any time and anywhere.

Benefits of United Voice Meeting

Optimise Your Meetings with United Voice’s Feature-Rich Video Conferencing System

Does your team need an efficient video conferencing solution for meetings? Look no further! The United Voice Meeting module is packed with features to streamline your sessions, support collaboration, and meet your business needs.

Contact United Telecoms to learn how our solution can transform your team’s meetings, with expert guidance on tailoring the solution to your business requirements.

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Pair United Voice Meeting with our Cloud Call Centre Solution

Maximise your communication efficiency by integrating United Voice Meeting with our cloud call centre editions, including the Contact Centre, Agent, and Supervisor Editions.

Combine United Voice Meeting’s cutting-edge video conferencing capabilities with the comprehensive call management, intuitive call routing, and advanced monitoring features offered by the call centre editions.

Elevate your team’s collaboration and customer engagement to achieve unparalleled operational fluidity and customer satisfaction, all enabled by a unified platform.

Explore our call centre editions below.

United Voice Contact Centre Edition

Elevate your call centre operations with the United Voice Contact Centre Edition.

Designed for peak efficiency, this edition features advanced call routing, interactive voice response (IVR), and automatic call distribution (ACD).

It streamlines communication, enhances customer engagement, and improves response times.

Its comprehensive analytics and reporting tools offer insights for strategic decision-making, propelling your call centre towards greater success and customer satisfaction.

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United Voice Supervisor Edition

Empower your supervisors with United Voice Supervisor Edition, designed to enhance call centre management.

This robust solution offers real-time call and agent monitoring, advanced call recording, and detailed analytics for insightful supervision.

Drive team performance and customer satisfaction with tools that enable proactive decision-making and team guidance.

This essential supervisory toolkit ensures operational excellence and drives continuous improvement.

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United Voice Agent Edition

United Voice Agent Edition transforms call centre operations by improving agent efficiency.

This comprehensive solution features a user-friendly interface, seamless CRM integrations, call management features and support for headsets to enhance the management of inbound and outbound calls.

Boost productivity, improve customer engagement, and streamline daily communications with the Agent Edition, designed to empower agents and elevate the customer service experience.

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Why Choose United Telecoms?

United Telecom’s video conferencing solutions stand out by offering a blend of unified communications that can be tailored to your business operations.

These solutions not only streamline collaboration across teams and with clients but also integrate with your existing workflows, providing a robust platform for reliable and high-quality video conferencing.

Discover the transformative impact of integrating our video conferencing software into your business, and take your team’s productivity and customer engagement to new heights.

Proven technology

Empower your team with our field-tested video conferencing technology, designed to enhance meetings, cloud phone systems and unified communications, offering your business the tools it needs for clear, simplified voice and video communications.

Efficient, quality service & support

Receive unparalleled service and support for your video conferencing needs. Your dedicated account manager and our expert technical team are always ready to promptly address and resolve any issues, ensuring smooth and efficient communication.

Business-centric call centre solutions

We provide a comprehensive suite of features across our Call Centre, Agent, and Supervisor Editions to cater to a range of business communication needs.

At United Telecoms, we specialise in customising features to tackle your unique challenges upon request.

Frequently asked questions about video conferencing solutions

Video conferencing is technology that allows users to conduct meetings, presentations, and discussions through the Internet, enabling participants to see and hear each other in real-time, regardless of their geographical location.

Video conferencing services have transformed how businesses operate, facilitating video meetings that connect teams, clients, and partners globally. These services range from specialised platforms to integrated solutions like Microsoft Teams and United Voice Meeting, which combine video conference capabilities with collaboration tools.

The adoption of video conferencing boosts productivity, enhances communication, and enables a more flexible work environment.

Video conferencing systems operate by transmitting audio and video signals over the internet, enabling real-time communication among participants in different locations.

This process involves the use of cameras and microphones to capture and send video and audio data, which is then compressed and transmitted through the internet. On the receiving end, this data is decompressed, allowing participants to see and hear each other.

Modern video conferencing solutions often include features like screen sharing and digital whiteboards, enhancing participants’ collaborative experiences.

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