Cloud PBX Integration with Microsoft Teams: How it Works

An effective communication system is key to successful business dealings and in-house collaboration. A popular choice for companies of all sizes is cloud PBX. However, you cannot truly explore all your options without running into Microsoft Teams as well. 

This prompts a good question, “can you get the best of both worlds?”. In this article, we will explain the ins and outs of cloud PBX integration with Microsoft Teams, the benefits of adopting both systems and why United Telecoms is the partner to seamlessly perform this integration for you.

Can you integrate Cloud PBX with Microsoft Teams?

You most certainly can integrate cloud OBX with Microsoft Teams! This merger, so to speak, offers users plenty of useful benefits which will be covered in a moment. Firstly, it takes a short background tour to fully appreciate the wonder of this integration and why it is easier to let experts handle the transition.   


Does Microsoft Teams have its own PBX?

Microsoft has a nifty technology called Phone System. It enables PBX capabilities in Microsoft Teams via the Microsoft 365 cloud. Phone System is a complete network that can replace your existing traditional PBX phones, and it works with all Teams clients and certified devices. 

When employees in your organisation place internal calls, they never connect to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). This is great news if your company has a high internal load call, as this feature removes the long-distance costs associated with internal calls. To make external calls with Phone System, there are add-on options to access the PSTN.


Can Microsoft Teams replace Cloud PBX entirely?

This depends on what makes sense for your business. Some smaller companies who haven’t yet explored the great benefits of cloud PBX and just want a better option for their analog system often migrate to Microsoft Teams without cloud PBX, and they manage just fine. 

Other companies have already relied for years on the benefits of their cloud PBX, and after seeing the boost in productivity and better teamwork, they prefer to keep their current system (the cloud PBX) but add Microsoft Teams into the mix to enhance their communications and collaboration tools. 


How does Cloud PBX integrate with Microsoft Teams?

Integration often refers to one of two methods. During a simpler, entry-level integration, a cloud PBX provider will replace the meeting and calling buttons inside of Microsoft Teams with buttons that initiate meetings and calls on the provider’s platform. 

A deeper integration registers the Microsoft Teams softphone client to the cloud PBX as a softphone extension. Whenever you start a meeting or place a call inside Microsoft Teams, it really initiates those actions through the cloud PBX. This provides the user with a unified experience, allowing them to use Teams for everything while still giving them access to the cloud PBX’s more advanced calling features.

Bear in mind that bringing two platforms together can have growing pains. In other words, depending on your current cloud PBX package, the company’s needs and how well Microsoft Teams adjust to both, there could be a period at the beginning where you might have to deal with some troubleshooting. 

Getting an experienced host provider, like United Telecoms, to look at your setup from the start can quickly smooth out any potential wrinkles.

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What features do you get when integrating Teams with Cloud PBX?

Once Microsoft Teams is registered as a PBX softphone extension, you can keep your existing phone numbers and even your SIP devices. Calls can be made and received directly from the Microsoft Teams App, while users can also look forward to the best advanced features of PBX, like:

  • Call queue
  • IVR
  • Call routing, recording and analytics
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Video conferencing


Benefits of integrating Cloud PBX with Microsoft Teams

Thus far, the benefits of integration have been covered in broad strokes; but what exactly makes it worth your while? You can expect many perks, but below are the top three reasons why most companies integrate their cloud phones with Microsoft Teams. 


Next-Level Teamwork and Collaboration 

Teamwork and collaboration lie at the heart of everything that makes a business successful; customer service, professional work ethics, high sales and profits. 

Integrating Microsoft Team with your cloud phone system can empower users to work together in a more streamlined way toward a common goal. They can still use desk phones and a PBX system that operates like normal while also enjoying a host of collaborative tools that span the entire organisation. 

At the end of the day, this unified communications system promotes an open, user-friendly and collaborative working environment that improves communication, information-sharing, problem-solving and customer experience alike. 


Remote Work Made Easy

In the last few years, the workplace has undergone drastic changes. A traditional office setting is no longer the only place where “real” work happens. These days, remote workers play an important role in the success of many businesses, but a major challenge they still face is to stay connected to the rest of the team. 

Microsoft Teams offers features that make remote employment more connective by providing software that can streamline work and communications from any location. 


Gain Access From Multiple Devices

Microsoft Teams integration also provides access to a Cloud-based PBX via different devices, making it easier than ever to connect to your workplace network. Such devices include laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones (via the Teams app). 

This multi-device access is valuable because it caters to the different situations that employees find themselves in. Some are in the office, on the road or working from home. 

Being able to access the integrated system in a way that is comfortable to them ensures that workflow remains uninterrupted and that everyone stays up-to-date and connected, no matter where they are. 


What to consider when integrating a cloud phone system with Teams

So, is it worth it to go ahead with this type of integration? Certainly. However, it’s not the easiest transition. This is especially true if you don’t have cloud PBX or Microsoft Teams, but want to adopt both for your communications system. 

At United Telecoms, our experts can assist you every step of the way. Whether you need to install cloud PBX or just marry your current hosted phone network with Microsoft Teams, please feel free to contact us for more information about how we can integrate and set up this service for your business in a seamless manner.

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