The Best Cloud PBX Systems for Small Businesses

Are you considering ditching your old analog phone system? Or, perhaps, you want to switch from a more traditional PBX network to a cloud-hosted PBX version instead. Either way, the benefits are great and few small business owners regret making the leap. 

We’ll have a look at what cloud PBX offers small businesses, what to consider before making a decision, why it’s a good investment, and, of course, the top PBX cloud systems for SME companies.

How does Cloud PBX work for small businesses?

Cloud PBX systems for SMEs are so flexible that their installation and services are equal to those of larger corporations; but here’s the gist of what you can expect from your first hosted PBX provider and cloud phones.

The Duties of the Provider

The provider hosts everything from a remote location; ‘everything’ referring to almost all the physical hardware. Clunky servers, rolls of cables and phone lines are eliminated, and their functions are taken over by software and remote equipment. This leaves your office with more room and nothing physical to maintain. 

Speaking of which, your service provider is also responsible for all updates and fixes, all of which usually happen remotely. The only hardware you’ll need is handsets, and these are also provided by your host provider. 

These desk phones are then plugged into an internal network which is connected to the main router. All features, including calls, are also managed through the provider’s off-site server.

Installation is Quick and Easy

When older systems are installed, there are usually a lot of technicians and equipment (and noise) in the office. This can be troublesome for smaller businesses where space comes at a premium, but the fast installation process of cloud phones is another reason why they are so popular. 

It takes the provider’s IT team a short amount of time to install the system without the need to drill holes or staple cables along the walls, as one might do for an analog network.

The Cloud PBX System

After installation, the hosted PBX system manages all incoming, outgoing and in-house calls. You can also expect to enjoy a variety of useful features that can be accessed via a mobile app, some of which allow employees to use the system outside the office. 

For instance, remote workers or field workers can seamlessly communicate with other employees, as long as they have an internet connection. 

Why should small businesses invest in cloud hosted phone systems?

To get a good idea of why small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly abandoning analog systems for hosted PBX, you must look at the main benefits that cloud phones have to offer.


In the first place, as mentioned a little earlier, installing cloud PBX means that your office will require less wiring. Since the telephone system works entirely in the cloud, it’s also very portable. As long as you’re connected to a stable internet signal, you can use your cloud-enabled phone at home, in the field and during commuting.  


Cloud PBX is also more cost-effective than older phone systems. Forget about a sky-high monthly bill based on how many calls you made; a service provider typically charges a flat monthly fee, which means that you no longer have to limit your calls. 

This is great news for small businesses that rely on calling customers and suppliers every day. Repairs and updates are also not nearly as expensive as older networks. 


If you harbour dreams of expanding your small business, then cloud PBX can also grow with your team. Unlike traditional PBX or analog systems, it’s not hard to add new phones or scale your hosted network. Very often, the provider’s IT team will deliver the number of handsets you need, tweak a few things, and then be out of your hair. 


Another reason why cloud PBX is so popular with SMEs is the fact that it comes with an extensive suite of features. These features are designed to collect insightful data, streamline workflow, eliminate time-wasting habits and improve employee performance and customer satisfaction.

Explore the Benefits of Cloud PBX

What to consider when investing in a Cloud PBX System for a small business

There are certain things to keep in mind before you decide to purchase a cloud PBX system. Get the best fit for your business by paying close attention to the following points: 

Choose the Right Package

This is a critical step that shouldn’t be overlooked. Cloud PBX providers have packages that offer customers different features and price tags. At United Telecoms, we can help businesses choose a package that contains the features that you need, and at a price that suits your pocket.


It’s hard to find even a small business that doesn’t have some kind of permanent phone system in place. However, if you already have any type of cloud phone network installed, it’s essential to talk to your provider to make sure that it will be compatible with their equipment and packages. 

Cloud PBX phone system options for small businesses

Let’s look at the best handsets that are the most appropriate for smaller businesses:

Yealink T42S Entry Level Gigabit IP Phone

The Yealink T42S IP Phone offers dynamic and superior voice communications, a responsive interface and better overall performance than the T42G. Some of the top features that you can look forward to include 12 VoIP lines, and HD Voice Technology that provides crystal-clear sound quality. 

Gigabit Ethernet technology ensures that calls are handled rapidly, and the device also comes with a USB port, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB recording features. 

Yealink T40G Entry Level IP Phone

The Yealink T40G phone is perfect for busy managers as it’s a feature-rich VoIP device that streamlines daily operations and communications. This user-friendly phone is also very secure as it uses industry-standard encryption protocols and software updates happen remotely, keeping the system up to date with no effort on your part. 

Yealink T40P Entry Level IP Phone

The Yealink T40P is very similar to the T40G IP phone, but it also comes with extras that include a design that allows you to mount the system on the wall, high-definition voice support, 3-way conference ability and a built-in speakerphone, among others. 

Yealink T41S Entry Level IP Phone

The Yealink T41S handset is a perfect choice if you desire extensive functionality and superior communications. This feature-rich business phone has a superbly responsive interface and offers a 6-line VoIP design that comes with programmable keys to enhance performance. The HD Voice Technology ensures the best audio and voice communications and a new USB port allows for unmatched expansion and functionality. 

Yealink CP960 Android IP Conference Phone

The Yealink CP960 Android IP Conference Phone is a more advanced desktop handset, but if your business relies on conferences and meetings, then this PBX system could be an invaluable addition to your communications network. 

Powered by Android 5.1, the device’s touch-screen is user-friendly and offers sophisticated features as a conferencing unit. It’s perfect for medium to large conference rooms and offers clear audio, and pairing it with other devices like PCs, tablets and smartphones via Bluetooth is also a breeze. 

Yealink T48S Executive Touch Screen IP Phone

The T48S Executive IP Phone is a natural choice for professionals and executives as it comes with dynamic features designed to streamline your day’s workload and boost productivity. The T48S has a large touch screen that allows switching between pages and applications in a quick and convenient manner. 

Other great features include headset and Skype compatibility, angle adjustment for comfortable use, wall mountable, and 16 VoIP accounts.

Yealink W53P Business IP DECT Phone

If your business also needs a portable cloud phone, then the W53P Business IP DECT phone might be a good consideration. It offers most of the benefits of the well-known W60P but at a much better price.

Once charged, the handset has amazing talk times (up to 18 hours), and when left on standby, it can reach 200 hours. You can also use this phone hands-free thanks to its 3.5 mm headset jack, giving you a convenient, on-the-move VoIP phone that can work up to 300 m outdoors from its central point. 

Yealink T58A Multimedia Video Phone

The T58A Multimedia Phone looks complicated, but it’s quite user-friendly and also packed with features to take your productivity to the next level. This smart media phone comes with rich sound and colour, making it a great tool for visual communication that can be worked like a normal phone. 

The T58A is based on the Android 5.1.1 operating system, and comes with a 7″ adjustable touch screen, a detachable 2MP HD camera, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and also offers a built-in web browser, recorder, calendar, support for third-party applications and more. This phone is perfect as an all-in-one communications solution for busy teleworkers, executives, and managers.

Build Your Cloud PBX Package

Key features to consider with cloud phone systems for small businesses

For SMEs, certain cloud PBX features can be very useful. Here’s a quick checklist to make sure that some or all of the following is included in your first package. 

Call Forwarding – This useful feature allows the person who answers a call to direct the caller to any phone within the company at the push of a button.

Auto Attendant – This automated service also sends callers to the right department, usually by prompting them to press a certain number key on their phone.

Call Analytics – Call analytics can quickly show you crucial data to improve on marketing campaigns and employee training. Analytics can show the average time it takes to answer calls, who answers them, what time of the day customers call the most, and even which marketing calls bring in the most sales, among others. 

Video Conferencing – Most PBX systems offer this perk, and these days, it’s a crucial feature. You can seamlessly hold meetings, regardless of the location of the attendees. This makes it easy to communicate with key people without the need to book a conference hall.

Numbers Porting – This feature allows you to keep your old number, even though you’ve replaced your entire phone system. Your customers can still dial your usual number, and you also avoid the hassles that come with changing a phone number. 

Let the team at United Telecoms learn about your small business and build out the most suitable and cost-effective solution for you. We can assist in building your package, providing and installing quality small business communication – just get in touch today.

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