The Pros and Cons of Cloud Phone Systems

Technological advancements have completely changed the way business is conducted. With innovations such as cloud-based phone systems, a world of possibilities has opened up for companies at different scales. 

There are many uses for cloud phone systems within different businesses, but you may need to be aware of both the pros and cons that come with them.

Table of Contents

  1. What are cloud based phone systems?
  2. Pros and Cons of cloud phone systems
  3. FAQs

What are cloud based phone systems?

A cloud-based phone system, also referred to as a cloud phone, is a phone service that facilitates calls over a data connection. They can be used with a variety of devices and they’re hosted in off-site data centres. 

On the other hand, traditional phone lines use copper wires or optical fibres to make connections.


Features of cloud phone systems

One of the reasons why many businesses are making the switch to cloud-based phone systems is because they offer a wealth of updated features. 

Here are the top cloud phone system features:


Call forwarding & handling

Most cloud PBX solutions have an auto-attendant. 

Previously, companies would employ a receptionist to handle inbound phone calls. With an auto-attendant, the system can be configured to send phone calls to certain teams of people, certain direct dial numbers or even to automated payment processing systems.


Interactive Voice Response

This is automated technology that allows callers to access information or complete actions using their voice. The system uses pre-recorded voice lines and prompts, and users can interact with the IVR system via keypad selection or voice commands.


Conference calls

Cloud phones have conference bridge technology. The technology allows users in different workspaces to join the same conversation via different devices. They also facilitate video conferencing.


Call centre integration

Cloud phone systems can be connected to off-site call centres, which can help route call overflow as needed.


Find me, follow me

This automatic funnel routes phone calls via a priority system until they’re answered. It can provide smooth service, particularly when some employees are out of the office.

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Pros of cloud phone systems


The most significant advantage of having a cloud phone system is that it’ll cost you less. 

Traditional phone systems require you to spend money on premise rent and maintenance, whereas cloud-based phone systems don’t. Switching can dramatically decrease your monthly business phone costs.



Cloud phones allow you to easily scale business operations up or down via the cloud management system. This is useful as it can easily align with business growth. 

Additionally, because cloud phones can work from anywhere, you can have remote teams scattered around the world, without it feeling that way.


Easy installation

As the only hardware that needs installing are IP phones, you can have a cloud phone installed with ease. 

VoIP phones also have very low initial investment costs compared to traditional systems.


Low maintenance

Minimal hardware means minimal maintenance costs. Cloud phones only require the site where the servers are installed to be maintained. 

Additionally, cloud phone service providers typically install network updates to keep your system current.

This is unlike traditional phone systems that require physical installations and possibly the purchase of new equipment.


Improves industry presence

Cloud phones open up more channels of communication, thus meaning that more people can reach a business with relative ease. 

To add to this, having a free phone number can cultivate a professional business image. This, in turn, can enhance customer satisfaction and lead to more referrals.

You can also add features such as an IVR, which can give the impression that your company is well-established.


Access to features

Besides basic phone calls, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of communication tools such as call routing, IVR, call recording and auto-attendant. These features can provide more ways to scale your business.


Cons of cloud phone systems

Requires a stable internet connection

In order for a cloud-based system to work, it has to have a reliable internet connection. If the network is down or unstable, then you simply won’t be able to keep your business communications running as they should. 

Be sure that your internet service provider can provide internet with decent speed.


Network latency

Also known as lag, network latency refers to delays in network communication. 

The process of converting into data packets is relatively extensive. Gaps in this process can cause jitteriness in communications and reduce call quality.


Vulnerability to Local Data Connectivity Failure

Bad weather can impact your internet connection which can then impact your access to the cloud phone system. This, in turn, can leave your business temporarily disconnected until your connectivity is back up. 

Having said that, almost all Cloud Phone Systems allow for instant self service forwarding, so numbers can be diverted to a working location in seconds. 

Alternatively, mobile apps are available, so should your office location’s connectivity go down, calls can be handled temporarily via a Smartphone or PC from any other site with a stable internet connection. 


Cloud Phone Systems with United Telecoms

Switching to a cloud-based phone system evidently has great advantages, most of which a traditional phone system can’t provide. They provide seamless scalability in the event that your company requires more resources, by allowing you to easily add phone lines. 

Cloud-based systems come with a host of advanced features that typically don’t require the purchase of extra equipment. Additionally, they’re low-maintenance and don’t require the help of a professional to install.

Understanding the pros and cons of cloud phone systems is important; however, the team at United Telecoms can help your business to choose the more suitable, cost-effective system and meet your requirements. 

Contact us today to discuss a cloud phone system package and installation.

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Which cloud phone system is best for my business?

The suitability of a cloud-based phone system for your business depends on your budget and needs. We can guide you with choosing a package that aligns with your business objectives and works for you on all levels, from call volumes to costing to utilising existing infrastructure with relocation.


When was VoIP introduced?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, was first developed around 1995 and was invented as a means of saving money on long-distance and international telephone charges.


How much bandwidth do I need to support a cloud-based phone system?

The bandwidth required for a cloud phone system primarily depends on how many phones you’ll need active, the number of people using the system and the additional features that are being used. 

Again, United Telecoms will learn about your business in order to find the most suitable solution that will work with what you have available, or advise on what you may need in addition.

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