5 Ways to Know if your Site is Ready for Cloud PBX

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When it comes to adopting a better communication option for the office, it’s not hard to see why more businesses are switching to cloud PBX. The system is more affordable and more effortless to maintain than old-school landline phones, or even traditional PBX.

If you are at the crossroads where you’ve decided to get cloud PBX for your company, but you don’t know if the premises requirements are in place, then this guide is for you. We’ll explore who can benefit from cloud solutions, what preparations must happen before installing hosted PBX and how United Telecoms can make this transition a breeze.

Which businesses benefit from cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX is relatively universal, but it’s mostly utilised by small, medium, and large companies alike. It’s also not uncommon to find cloud PBX being used in hospitals, schools and corporations, as well as private enterprises.

All of these businesses and institutions have one thing in common. They rely heavily on a telephonic network to run their everyday responsibilities, sales, networking, meetings, remote work and information sharing. 

The design of legacy phone systems placed many limitations on how effectively people could do their job; but, cloud PBX has features and pricing options that make this heavy workload more efficient – and certainly a lot more affordable – than traditional networks.


What do you need to have before having cloud PBX systems installed?

When the word “installation” enters the conversation, many people see a work crew making a big mess in the office and causing general chaos and noise. However, the good news is that you don’t need a major structural overhaul to switch to the cloud. 

Most of the prerequisites for cloud PBX are either relatively easy to bring into the fold, or they might already exist on your business premises.

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How to become site ready for cloud PBX

Make Sure Your Internet Connection Is Reliable

Your business probably already has an internet connection, but here’s the thing. For all the amazing benefits that cloud PBX has to offer, its one Achilles heel is the strength of your internet connection. 

Cloud PBX cannot run on all internet connections. For the best results, it needs a strong and reliable signal. This is essential because, without this type of stability, the system can experience problems such as dropped customer calls, poor call quality, call breakups, or even a complete system failure.

For this reason, make sure that your internet connection is sufficient to support cloud PBX. Many people naturally purchase the best package they can afford for their business, but the truth is, any high-speed connection will do. 

On a final note, if you live in an area that has no internet reception, then cloud PBX won’t work. Unfortunately, an internet connection is a non-negotiable requirement as the telephone system is only as strong as your connection. Keep in mind that traditional or on-site PBX works just fine without an internet connection, and it can still offer plenty of benefits. If this sounds like a better option for your situation, please feel free to look at our business on-site PBX offers.


Test Your Bandwidth – 2 MBPS is Good, 10 MBPS is Better

A strong, reliable connection is just one-half of the deal. Your cloud PBX also needs proper bandwidth to function. Since it uses VoIP calls, which draw more data than traditional calls, it’s essential to know how much bandwidth you are working with. This is especially important if you are planning on using extra data-consuming features such as applications and video calls.

The first step is to test your broadband. What you want is to put actual numbers to your server’s upload and download speeds. 

While a download speed of 2mbps and an upload speed of 0.5mbps is sufficient for most small cloud network solutions, for the best results, we recommend bumping it up to at least a download speed of 10mbps and an upload speed of 5mbps. 


Understanding the Main Infrastructure Requirements

One perk that makes cloud PBX so popular is the fact that the system is almost hardware-free. Unlike legacy phone networks or even traditional PBX, hosted phone solutions run almost entirely in the cloud. This is fantastic if you’re tired of countless phone cables snaking along the walls or accumulating behind desks. It also makes maintenance as simple as contacting your provider, and they will fix or upgrade the system remotely.

However, this doesn’t mean that cloud PBX doesn’t require some physical infrastructure on-site. In order to function, the system needs the right cabling and network points. The most important of these is an Ethernet connection, something that will allow the handsets to work correctly. That being said, cloud phones come in different shapes and sizes, and some of them are wireless. If that sounds more like your game, then look for WiFi phones or headsets that run with special software. 

Your hosting provider can also present you with all the information you need to understand the different handsets that are available, both models with physical connections and wireless. The handsets are generally provided and installed by your hosting company. 


Identify Your Reasons for Switching to Cloud PBX

For the most successful outcome, your new cloud PBX network must support all of your company’s communication needs. However, there are different cloud PBX packages, and most have varying features. A certain package might work for one company but not another.  

In order to find the best network features for your business, take a moment to understand the reasons why you want to move away from your old system and how switching to the cloud can provide you with the solutions that the previous network couldn’t. This will give your hosting provider a good idea of which packages are the most suitable for your business goals. 

At United Telecoms, we’ll work with you to understand these goals and pair you with the most suitable system.


Do You Already Have Compatible Equipment On-Site?

Some companies prefer to do a total overhaul; basically, sweep the entire old network system into the bin and replace it with a completely new cloud system. 

Others already have equipment in place that is compatible with a cloud phone network and prefer to keep the hardware in order to save costs.


How United Telecoms can help your business become site ready for a cloud PBX system

Installing an entirely new phone system can feel a bit daunting. Calling on our experts will not only save you time, but we can also help you to navigate the switch with ease. 

You can contact us to learn more about our products and services, but more importantly, United Telecoms can also assess your premises for site readiness. By combining our assessment with your business needs, we can then suggest and install the best package for you. 

If your office doesn’t already have it, United Telecoms can also provide all the hardware that you need, including the most popular and versatile IP phone brands.

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