Why Switch to VoIP?

Why South African Businesses Should Switch to VoIP


A VoIP Background

The rapid development of telecommunications technologies in the past decade has enhanced the way South African businesses conduct their business. Improved network infrastructure and technology has allowed high speed Internet and VoIP to become available to almost every business owner or user. Business VoIP is becoming increasingly reliable due to faster Internet connections where voice can now be prioritised.    

Business VoIP connections typically come in the following forms in Southern Africa:

  • LTE VoIP
  • Wireless/Microwave VoIP
  • Fibre VoIP

In the past, the term “VoIP” quickly developed a bad name, it was unreliable and inefficient, and this was primarily due to inferior connectivity. In most cases it was the attempt by service providers to run a business’s VoIP and voice related services over unstable and undersized Internet connections or running voice and data over the same Internet connection. It is therefore critical to make sure that before deciding on the correct VoIP service for your business, you determine your business’s telephony needs.

How to Choose a Business VoIP Solution – Questions to Consider

  • How many telephone lines/channels do you need?
  • How many employees will be using the VoIP telephone system?
  • Is broadband Internet available in your location?
  • How important is uninterrupted telephone uptime to you?
  • What are your Internet and data transmission requirements?

Once the above has been considered, your business will be in a better position to find a business VoIP solution that is both cost-effective as well as the most reliable offering for you. United Telecoms offers business grade VoIP-only solutions as well as VoIP and data solutions that are resilient, competitive and of the highest quality.

Why Choose United Voice Business VoIP?

1. Business VoIP is Cheaper

First and foremost, VoIP is cheaper. Switching to United Voice VoIP with United Telecoms can save your business up to 60% in telephony costs. In comparison to traditional landlines, setup costs, line rentals and call rates on business VoIP are significantly cheaper than traditional landlines. Your business will also save with free inter branch calling and reduced rates on international calls.

2. Complete Scalability

There is no need to worry about your business growing or downscaling in the future as our United Voice business VoIP solutions are fully scalable. The line capacity of VoIP lines can be easily adjusted to increase or decrease at any time to accommodate your business’s needs and the process to do so is fairly simple.

3. Quick and Easy to Set Up

A major benefit of business VoIP services is the rapid deployment of the telephony solution.

4. Impressive Features

No matter your business’s size, by switching to United Voice VoIP your business gains access to a wide range of beneficial features. Conference calling, voicemail to email, virtual fax, auto attendant, caller line identity, and Telephone Management Systems, these are just a few of the business VoIP features your business can utilise to increase productivity.

5. Mobility

Having a business VoIP solution means you do not have to be office bound in order to receive calls. As long as you have a broadband Internet connection, our United Voice VoIP solution will enable you to receive calls via mobile, laptop, desktop, voicemail and even faxes. United Voice also gives your organisation the freedom to move anywhere in the country while keeping your phone number.

Considering all the benefits and features that come with our United Voice VoIP solution, it is no wonder the number of businesses making the switch to VoIP in South Africa is continuously growing.

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