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Voice Connectivity Services

The right voice connectivity is crucial to ensuring your business’s VoIP calls are of the highest quality. United Telecoms provides our clients with VoIP and data connectivity through LTE, Fibre and Wireless. We have partnered with various leading Tier One and Two network providers in South Africa to bring you competitive, steadfast business VoIP and data solutions.

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Ensuring Your Connectivity is Suitable for Voice Traffic

Does your business utilise services that run voice and data over the same internet connection? If you do, it could lead to voice quality issues where you may experience dropped calls, delays and poor sound quality. Since voice traffic is real time, we recommend a dedicated, uncontended network to ensure your calls take priority. Below we take a look at the types of VoIP United Telecoms offers.

Any congested or contended networks whether LTE, Fibre or Wireless will not be suitable for VoIP calls nor is regular WiFi in office environments and can result in poor call quality.

United Telecoms only installs United Voice, our business VoIP offering, on dedicated, uncontended LTE, Fibre and Wireless connections ensuring your voice calls are of the highest quality.

LTE Voice Service 

United Telecoms’ LTE VoIP Service is a wireless connectivity solution that takes advantage of a dedicated Next Generation network and provides crystal clear voice calls over a broadband data connection. Our LTE VoIP service is a cost effective voice solution for small to medium businesses and is ideal for businesses where fibre is inaccessible or too costly, or for businesses who require a reliable failover system for their existing Fibre or Wireless VoIP solution.

VoIP over LTE is also the perfect voice only connectivity solution for businesses who have multiple branches or who require lesses than 15 voice channels/lines (no more than 15 concurrent calls).

Connecting wirelessly straight from your router to the nearest LTE tower, our LTE VoIP service has become the go-to option for quick and easy deployments with the added benefit of easy mobility should you need to move premises.

United Telecoms has partnered with Vodacom, Telkom and ECN networks to act as carriers for all calls on our LTE VoIP service.

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Wireless Voice and Data Service

South Africa’s wireless data connectivity is amongst the world’s most advanced, with a large area to cover, many modern South African businesses do not have access to fibre for VoiP and data services. A well proven and more than suitable alternative is United Telecoms’ Microwave/Wireless Point-to-Point connectivity.

Wireless data and VoIP solutions are installed using a microwave dish mounted against a building or mast. The microwave dish requires line of site in order to transmit and receive voice and data from one point to another point before linking with the nearest fibre terminal.

If found feasible, Wireless data and voice solutions bridge the gap where fibre is inaccessible and offers identical uptime and download and upload speeds as standard fibre. United Telecoms offers data and voice solution sizes equal to that of existing fibre solutions. With a quicker deployment time and a lower monthly cost, Wireless data and VoIP Solutions provide a reliable alternative to fibre.

United Telecoms offers a wide variety of licensed and unlicensed wireless data and voice solutions utilising the following network carriers and providers:

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Fibre Voice and Data Service 

Fibre represents the ultimate in business VoIP and data capabilities. Through a single fibre connection, businesses can run all their VoIP and data needs, removing the need for multiple accounts and suppliers.

United Telecoms’ business fibre VoIP and data solutions provide businesses with high performance and reliable internet connectivity. Future-proof your business with our Qaulity of Service business fibre solutions that provide high capacity, symmetrical upload and download speeds and low latency with options for redundancy available.

United Telecoms partners with the following carriers to provide your business with accessible and cost effective fibre connectivity options:

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Need an Alternative to LTE, Fibre or Wireless?

United Telecoms can supply your business with a GSM Premicell Voice Service. This voice solution is the perfect alternative for businesses who require a voice only (no data) VoIP solution, but who are not able to get the LTE coverage they need.

GSM Premicells also serve as a suitable voice redundancy option for businesses who use Fibre or Wireless connectivity to make VoIP calls and who would like a failover option.

Find out more about our GSM Premicells.

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