Benefits of Purchasing a PBX Phone System

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Benefits of a New PABX Phone system

A business PABX/PBX solution is the conduit through which the outside world interacts with your company, for this reason, it is one of the most critical pieces of infrastructure inside any business. No two businesses are the same and neither are their telecommunications needs.

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Benefits of Installing a PABX/PBX System

  • One centralised number through which your employees can be reached and your business can advertise with
  • Ability to transfer and put clients on hold, and market to clients via music/message on hold ensuring solid customer service and employee productivity
  • PBX systems offer a numeric menu-based option selection known as Auto attendant solutions, these allow efficient flow of incoming calls ensuring employee productivity and customer satisfaction. PBX systems route traffic directly from the reception desk without the need for an operator
  • Individual extension numbers are allocated to employees ensuring quick access to colleagues throughout your business
  • Voice mail, most modern PABX/PBX systems have inbuilt voice mail systems, allowing callers to leave voice messages should they not be able to reach the intended recipient caller. These messages can also be mailed to the recipient’s email and listened to when out of the office via voice to email
  • Conference calling, modern PBX systems cater for multiple incoming lines which can host conference calls where participants from anywhere in the world can hold telecom meetings thereby reducing the cost of expensive travel and logistics
  • PBX management systems, for a nominal fee, all PABX/PBX systems have detailed call management systems which record in real time, incoming and outgoing calls. These can even be scaled up to not only record the dialled and incoming numbers, date, time and duration of the calls but also record every voice conversation for playback at a later date

Why a New PBX Phone System?

Ultimately a new PBX phone system must save you money and/or improve your business productivity. United Telecoms has assisted thousands of businesses in the implementation of a new PBX telephony solutions, cutting costs and improving their productivity.

Run through our easy to use selection guide below and familiarise yourself with the content, once you are ready send us a quick quote request or phone and one of our expert consultants who will be happy to assist in your decision-making process.

How to select a PABX/PBX Brand or System?

The truth of the matter is that the feature sets across almost all PBX brands are close to identical. More sophisticated solutions may require a certain brand solution to accommodate specific needs and in those cases, our consultants assist in picking out the perfect fit for you.

Many businesses comment on a PBX “brand” or “solution type” being “terrible” but in most cases we find this to be the result of a poor deployment. It’s important to match your PABX/PBX telephone system needs to your purchased solution from the outset by looking carefully at these three areas with our consultants.

View our guide to selecting a PABX telephone system.


You need to decide how important add on features are vs cost. While our entry level systems do everything required of a modern PABX/PBX solution, you do have to make some trade-offs when pursuing a budget.

IP, Hybrid, Hosted PBX. Which One?

There are three core phone systems types to choose from and in a rapidly developing environment, it’s not always easy to decide on which one. Often in cases it’s a matter of looking at what infrastructure (i.e Fibre, VOIP, Wireless) is available in your area and secondly what your needs are both now and in the future. Some clients wish to future proof, others just want to ensure they can keep their numbers if they move premises and some want to be able to have full unified communication across many branches. It’s all possible with the right PABX solution.

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