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A Mid-sized Business office phone system needs to offer cost effectiveness but also the ability to expand as and when your business grows. To match these needs United Telecoms offer a multitude of different PBX/PABX systems, each one tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. At United Telecoms our expert consultants will work with you to explain in simple terms which PABX system is correct for you, your business and all of your future telephony needs.

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What to Consider When Purchasing a Mid-Sized PABX/PBX Office Phone System

Which Medium PABX System is Right for Your Business to Purchase?

Medium sized businesses choosing the correct PBX system to purchase need to bring many factors into account including budget, future needs for expansion, and current installed infrastructure, so as to avoid duplicate costs on PBX cabling and installation.  

There are 4 types of Medium Sized PABX telephone systems available:

  • Hybrid IP/Analog PABX systems
  • IP PBX Systems
  • Hosted PBX Systems
  • Refurbished/Used PABX systems

VOIP Options for Medium Sized Business PABX Phone Systems

VOIP is a massive buzzword around business telecoms at the moment, however, it needs to be viewed in the correct business context. VOIP’s benefit and in fact its core benefit is the cost saving an organisation enjoys on lower calls rates via a VOIP connection and ability to take control of one’s own main incoming number.

However, it is important to carefully assess whether these savings outweigh the additional costs of having a VOIP capable data line and the additional VoIP router hardware costs associated with that. 

A rule of thumb is that any BT bill over £ 500 Per Month would benefit from a VOIP solution, bills under £ 500 Per Month are best left on traditional BT or VOIP lines.

Purchasing Options

There are 2 main options when looking to purchase a new or refurbished PBX phone solution from any vendor:

Outright Purchase or Monthly Rental.

As a PABX phone system is an IT based product we recommend to our clients that they rent the solution.  This allows for a smooth monthly capital expenditure, and a fixed operating expense ensuring your business is never without the best solution at the given time. Cash payments are welcome and can be discussed with your account manager.

Other Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing Your PABX Phone System

Cabling: Before installing, customers needs to ensure that the areas requiring phones are correctly cabled, cabling is a separate cost and needs to be quoted for on any SME Business system. It is always important to do a site survey beforehand to ensure that what is required can be done and done at a reasonable cost. Many buildings have unique challenges when considering cabling runs.

Location: Your location is important, certain areas in the United Kingdom do not have access to the infrastructure required to run VOIP solutions, in these cases we look at Gamma VOIP or wireless solutions. Remember there is always a connectivity option it just needs to be customised to your location, budget and needs.

Handsets: Telephone Systems come in 3 basic types:

  • Analog PBX Handsets – Require telephone Cat 3 cable and are the cheapest, most basic type of phone. They are extremely reliable and offer basic transfer and call hold features
  • Digital PBX Handsets – Digital handsets have slightly more features and functionality than a traditional analogue handset, including Incoming caller identification, handling of 2 or more calls simultaneously, speaker and conference facilities and more. They also run on analogue Cat 3 telephone cabling but may require 4 pair PABX cabling in some cases
  • IP PBX Handsets – IP handsets run on Cat 5 computer cabling, they have all the features of the above unit and more. Traditionally one usually has either and all IP PABX solution or an analogue/digital hybrid phone solution. IP phones are great for future-proofing your business and creating a unified communication system.

View our guide to selecting a PBX telephone system for more information.

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