Cloud Phone Systems and Landlines in London and Surrey

Hosted Telephone Systems and Business Landlines

in London and Surrey

Cloud Phone Systems and Landlines in London and Surrey

United Telecoms provides hosted PBX telephone systems and business landlines in London, Surrey, and throughout the United Kingdom. Our cloud-based telephone solution is designed to reduce operating costs, enhance productivity, and improve your business’s communications. Hosted PBX systems offer a range of benefits to businesses of all sizes, with a number of advantages specifically suited to businesses and start-ups who are focused on cost savings and flexibility. Dental practices, GP surgeries, solicitors, daycare centers, schools, hairdressers, beauty salons, guest houses and bed & breakfasts, freelancers, or small businesses with regional or home offices, are just a few of the prime candidates in London and Surrey that would benefit from moving to a hosted telephone system.

What Is a Cloud PBX Telephone System?

A cloud or hosted or virtual PBX is simply a business phone system that is run in the cloud and uses the internet to transmit calls instead of a traditional copper landline. A cloud telephone system is physically hosted off-site, meaning that all hardware is housed in a dedicated datacentre, which is maintained by a service provider like ourselves. This means that the only equipment you need within your business, are the phones being used and an internet connection. These phones can be traditional business IP phones, or you can use your existing smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC (or any combination of these) as your office phone by means of an app.

Business Landlines

Most businesses in London and Surrey are making the switch from traditional landlines that run on the copper wire network, to VoIP or virtual landlines. These modern-day landlines use a broadband internet connection or your mobile data to make and receive your business’s phone calls. United Telecoms provides virtual landlines included in our cloud-based telephone system.

Apart from being substantially cheaper than traditional landlines, the great thing about virtual landlines is that they allow you to port your existing phone number over to the new line and service provider, this means, you do not need to worry about losing your business’s valuable phone number, and you are able to retain this number for as long as you like, no matter where your business relocates to. If you require a new number, we are able to provide you with an available geographic number of your choice within the United Kingdom.

What Are The Advantages of a Hosted Phone System?

Cloud telephone systems were initially designed to offer more cost-effective and efficient solutions for small businesses. These days, cloud or hosted  telephone systems are used by companies of all sizes, across a range of sectors within the United Kingdom. While most users highlight the benefits of substantial cost savings and flexibility of the system, there are a number of attractive features that could be advantageous to your business, whether you are new, upsizing, downsizing, relocating, or looking for advanced communication features.

As hosted PBX systems are housed in dedicated datacentres, the initial cost is extremely low, as the user does not need to buy or maintain any of the system’s hardware. This substantially reduces your upfront investment in a business phone system, meaning that you can put that money back into other areas of your business. The only upfront cost is that of the IP phones if you do not already have these and do not wish to use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC for making and receiving calls. 

As well as low initial costs, a virtual PBX offers a low ongoing cost. Call cost savings of between 30-75% have been reported, when compared to traditional PBX solutions. There are no ongoing maintenance costs, as the management and maintenance of the equipment is provided by the hosted services provider. Additionally, there is no need to employ a specialist IT resource to manage the system, which is set up remotely by a technician and managed by you, the user. Minimal training is required for this user-friendly and intuitive system.

Start-ups and smaller companies in particular opt for a hosted phone solution, which offers scalability when growing your business. Users and telephone extensions can be added or removed as and when needed, with a quick and simple click of a button. There is no need to purchase or replace any hardware. This is particularly useful to businesses that deal with high volumes of staffing changes, anticipate growth, or have seasonal employment.

A cloud PBX system offers you the benefit of mobility whilst maintaining long-term communication links with customers. If your business moves premises, you can maintain your existing telephone number, even if you move more than once. What’s more, you don’t have to purchase or relocate any bulky equipment when expanding or moving your operations or sacrifice precious office space that would normally be taken up by the PBX switchboard.

With a cloud telephone system, the features and integration options can be fully customised to suit your individual needs. Any growing business would benefit from the ability to adjust features to suit its ever-changing needs.

It is widely recognised that cloud telephone solutions offer improved call quality and connectivity. The service providers also have few issues with downtime and connections due to the resilient design of the hosted data centers.

What are the Disadvantages of a Cloud telephone System?

A cloud telephone system is powered by the internet, so it is essential that your site has a reliable, high-speed internet connection in order for you to fully appreciate the benefits of this technology. If you do not have access to a strong internet connection at your business premises, you would be better suited to a traditional on-premise PBX solution.

The Bottom Line

Cloud-hosted telephone systems offer a range of benefits for any business that needs more flexibility in its office phone system offerings. Switching to a hosted PBX provides you with the benefit of a customised and cost-effective setup, and an ongoing high-quality voice communications solution for your business.

To learn more about a cloud-hosted PBX and what it can do for your London or Surrey based business, speak to one of our specialists today by calling 020 339 8011 or e-mail us at Our team is looking forward to answering your questions and providing you with a no-obligation, hassle-free quote.

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